Sunday, August 2, 2015

Summer Matching Fund and Update on the Freedom 46

Please read this note from the OBG President:

The ever popular matching funds drive is back! Here is a link my Summer President's Letter regarding the annual fund drive; however, I have an exciting update since that letter went to print. The matching fund pledges have now been increased to $33,825! That means every dollar donated up to the total donation amount of $33,825 will be doubled so OBG could potentially raise $67,650 for the dogs! This money will be used for all the dogs in OBG's care, including the Freedom 46 dogs rescued last weekend. This fund drive is critical to OBG being able to pay for the medical treatment of our dogs including SIX heart worm positive dogs (at a cost of $1000 each) and several of the Freedom 46 dogs have eye conditions. The bills add up quickly. Please click here to donate.
Freedom 46 Update: Earlier this week, I wrote to all of you to tell you about OBG's rescue of 46 dogs living in a hot barn in rural Virginia dubbed the Freedom 46. In my email, I indicated we suspected there had been more dogs that had been moved from the property to keep OBG from being able to rescue them. This week, we learned the individuals in charge of the Heart 2 Heart Cocker Rescue dogs had moved at least seven dogs off the property prior to OBG arriving last Saturday.

Four dogs were found at a local Virginia county shelter where they had been dumped. One of the four dogs had been quickly adopted, but the other three were still there when we learned what happened. On Wednesday, we made arrangements to have the three remaining cocker spaniels, Betty White a/k/a Cookie, Rigger and Hokie, transferred to OBG where they are now safe and getting much needed medical care, including immediate treatment for one of the dogs who is heartworm positive. Then on Thursday, we learned three additional missing dogs, Mr. T., Jelly and Mocha had been located in Virginia and the prior rescue owner agreed to surrender them. They were transferred to OBG's care on Friday and are being evaluated and treated by an OBG vet. Four of these seven dogs belong to another rescue and as soon as they receive medical clearance to travel, they will be returned to that rescue. You can see photos of the dogs in our online album here.

As you might imagine the medical costs and kenneling costs for the Freedom dogs is going to be astronomical. In addition, OBG still plans to continue "business as usual" and will work with shelters and owners giving up their dogs. We do not want any dog that we would otherwise help to die because we rescued the Freedom 46. With YOUR help, the matching funds drive will be a success and OBG will have the funds needed to continue to save the lives of hundreds of dogs a year, including our very special Freedom 46. Click here to donate.

As always, your support means the world to the dogs of OBG because without you, their world would not exist.

Your friend in rescue,

Teresa Butler
President, OBG

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  1. The fact that one of the dogs was adopted from a rural kennel is proof that this "rescue" was really hoarding dogs. So many of these dogs could have been in loving homes months ago if the "rescue" had been doing what it should have been instead of warehousing the dogs!
    --Amy E