Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Matching Fund Drive and Freedom 46 Updates

Dear Friends,

I have so many wonderful updates to share with you today. First, the Matching Fund Drive has grown to $38,000 thanks to our very generous donors. With your help, we have the potential to raise $76,000 for OBG's pups. These funds are desperately needed between the Freedom 46 expenses and two new dogs whose combined surgeries total $8,200 (see their stories below)! The drive runs through Monday, August 31st and we currently have raised over $32,325! Please help us reach our goal by Monday! Click here to donate!

Second, the Freedom 46 pups just celebrated one month of freedom and there is much good news to report. The original group of 46, which grew to 52, has grown again to 53 with the addition of Ginger last week. She was surrendered to OBG by the same rescue group who ran the barn. Ginger is young and friendly, but heart worm positive. She has a foster lined up to help her get through her heartworm treatment and then on to a forever home.

I'm so happy to tell you the first of the Freedom 46 pups have gone to their forever homes -- Angus (now Crockett), Lulu, and Royal. Eighteen more have gone to foster homes and nine have been transferred to other rescue groups who offered to help OBG. The rest are waiting for foster homes and or medical treatment. Special thanks to all the staff at Hayfield Animal Hospital, Crosspointe Animal Hospital, and Deepwood Veterinary Clinic for the great care, love and attention you have shown the Freedom 46 and all of OBG's pups.

Third, I wanted to update you on Kafu and Rocco, the 10-year-old bonded pair for whom I had sent out a foster plea. Thank you to all who offered to help. The boys are now safe and in a foster home.
Last, I wanted to tell you about two new dogs -- Gizmo and Luna -- who OBG was able to help because of YOUR donations. The costs of their surgeries will exceed $8,200 so please consider donating so we can cover their expenses and still help more dogs. Please also keep Gizmo and Luna in your thoughts and prayers. The next few weeks are critical in their recovery.


Gizmo came to OBG when his family could not afford his expensive knee surgery - over $3200. Yesterday, he had surgery to repair several kinds of knee tears plus bilateral luxating patellas. He did great and we hope he will be able to start putting some weight on his back legs within a week. Special thanks to Dr. Griffin at the Springfield, VA Regional Veterinary Referral Center. 

Luna's is a special story. On August 16th, OBG received an emergency request for help. After a jump from a couch, Luna's back legs no longer worked. They took her to the ER and she was diagnosed with Intervertebral Disc Disease. Her family had to make a quick decision -- euthanasia or surgery -- so she didn't suffer and to increase the likelihood of surgical success. The cost of surgery was estimated at $5,000, but her family could not afford it. OBG agreed to accept her and get the surgery done. The surgery went well and yesterday we received encouraging news -- she could wag her tail and showed feeling in her right rear leg. Luna has a long road ahead, but she has a wonderful foster who can give her the attention and care she needs. Please consider a donation to Luna's expenses.

The last month has been an incredible time in OBG's history and we are so grateful for all the wonderful volunteers, fosters, adopters and supporters who have joined in helping us to give these dogs a second chance at a great life.

Thank you so much for your support!

Teresa Butler

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