Thursday, August 6, 2015

Freedom 46 Pupdate: Sweet Missy's Story

Sweet Missy's Story as told by OBG Board Member, Beth B.

Days before OBG went into the barn in rural VA, we heard chatter that there were 80-plus dogs needing rescue. We heard plenty of stories and speculation, but one of the things that sticks out in my mind is the concern expressed by former volunteers about the safety of one particular dog: Missy. They loved her so much and were worried sick about her safety.

Upon arriving to the barn and seeing crates and crates of dogs, we were all overwhelmed by the situation. We methodically went from crate to crate and tried to assess the dogs. Toward the middle of the rescue, we pulled out one crate with a gentle black cocker and there she was. Missy was in the barn! And, more importantly, now that OBG had her, she was safe.

She waited patiently in her crate for her turn at freedom. Once I unlatched the crate door, she gingerly stepped out and headed toward the grass. She was trying to be so good and “hold it” and finally was able to relieve herself on the grass. It was then, when she was out in the open that I began to realize just how bad of shape she was in. The most obvious issue was a pendulous mammary tumor hanging from her belly. Then there were the crusty eyes, coupled with her flea ridden and thinning fur. She was sweet, but it seemed her spirit was deflated. It broke our hearts to see she had these obvious medical issues going on and had not been getting treatment. Who knew what else was going on that we couldn’t see?

I had the honor of transporting her from the barn to the vet. She was a complete angel and didn’t make a peep. She seemed relieved to be out of there, on to her new start in life. Once she arrived at the vet’s office with 26 other dogs, they confirmed it – Missy was in the worst shape of all the dogs there. The sweetest, most gentle girl had the longest road to recovery ahead. Missy had been with the other "rescue" for over a year and still wasn't spayed, which coupled with her mammary tumor was quite concerning. In addition to these issues, our vets discovered major dental disease, so severe that it will take a separate surgery outside the spay and mass removal. She has double eye and ear infections, which hopefully with OBG's care will not lead to ear ablations, although those were mentioned. And she's got moderate luxating patellas (knees) with some arthritis.

Sure, she's had it rough, but in the classic example of a dog forgiving all, she is grateful for anything positive in her life. She's sweet and gentle when seeking affection. She adores toys and it's like watching a puppy when you give her one. She's endeared herself to vet staff and OBG volunteers alike. Yes, Missy's already a wonderful girl, but we can't wait to see how she continues to blossom as she receives the care she needs thanks to your generosity.

It just so happens the photos of Missy in her crate became some of the first and most widely circulated images of the Freedom 46 rescue. I like to think it's because she's the true face of rescue, an older dog with major medical needs, but a heart of gold. And now, after being rescued for a second time, Missy's finally getting her chance to shine!

Please consider a donation to Sweet Missy's medical care. Click here to donate today! And if you are interested in fostering her, please email Thank you on behalf of Sweet Missy! 

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