Friday, June 19, 2015

Thank you from OBG!

A letter from our President!

Typically when I write to you, I am asking for something, whether it be donations, attendance at fundraisers, fostering or other volunteer requests. The bottom line is there always seems to be something OBG needs to save more lives.
Sandman is recovering well from
the life-saving surgery
he had THANKS to your generosity and
He is getting adopted this weekend

Today, I want to do something different. I am not writing to ask you for anything. All I want to say is THANK YOU!!!!!!!! Thanks to all of you, our recent Spring Fund Drive was a huge success and we raised over $33,000 to help OBG save more lives. This includes $4,776 raised through DoMore24 donations and an additional $1,500 OBG will receive for winning not one, but TWO of the DoMore24 prizes awarded for the most donations in certain blocks of time. That is truly incredible!

I cannot tell you how many times over the years other rescues have contacted OBG and asked how we are able to raise so much money through fund drives and/or fundraisers. In fact, I was contacted by another rescue during this past fund drive and they were looking for my "secret" to get supporters to donate. My answer is always the same. I have no special secret (I wish I did!). OBG is just blessed to have THE MOST AWESOME SUPPORTERS EVER! When I think about how generous you all are, it truly brings tears to my eyes.

Unfortunately, I can't promise I'll won't contact you again for help because I will. That is the never-ending nature of rescue. But for now, I just want to close by saying you are all Cocker Angels. I thank you and much more importantly, the dogs saved by OBG thank you.

Your Friend In Rescue,

Teresa Butler

P.S. - Here are pupdates on a few of the dogs we featured during the Spring Drive and Do More 24. Thank you again for your donations towards their care!

Steffie and her new family
Steffie and Her Puppies: All now have forever homes.

Bart: Your donations helped pay for his double cataract surgery which was a success and he joined his forever family earlier this month!

Bravo and Molly have gotten all fixed up and gone to foster homes. Paws crossed they find forever homes soon.

Dancer will be starting heart worm treatment soon.

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