Thursday, May 7, 2015

Zip Two: Hunger Strike

First we had Biggest Loser weight loss campaigns for Fluffy the Porkchop, then Jax. Now we have 9-year-old Zip, aka Zippy! This poor boy came to OBG nearly 18 pounds overweight (came in over 35 and he should only be about 18). He is a small framed dog -- a Pomeranian Cocker Spaniel mix -- so the obesity is life threatening. Please help us cheer Zippy on to his ideal weight so he can run in the yard and zip up a flight of stairs on his own.  Here is Part Two of Zip to Zippy: The Journey Begins. 

I’m settled in at the Campbell Spa for Extremely Fat Canines. I enjoy the exercise program—many people stop to pet me and exclaim over my extreme roundness. I do all my business on these many small walks. 

However, the cuisine stinks. I refuse to eat what they serve me. I drink a lot, and I pee, but I know if I fall for that dreck, I’ll never see chicken skin again. Foster mom worries I’m not eating because I had several teeth removed and won’t even eat my pain medicine. She keeps trying—wet food, wetting dry food, wetting dry food and running it through the food processor, offering to hand feed me. Dreck is dreck. She should keep worrying until she finds me something good to eat.

The problem with not eating is not pooping. That watery stuff hurts me. And it gets on the floor when I sit down. Foster mom follows me around with a wet rag to wipe the floor. Where do they find these people?

As I mentioned in my first post, my mega-butt makes steps impossible. Foster dad carried me up three times my first evening here. I licked his face to show my appreciation. The next morning he built a ramp. A videographer came by to record my triumphant run up the ramp. The fosters are a little lumpy about recognizing my needs, but I think they can be trained.

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