Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Braxton's Happy Tail!

Alum Braxton's Mom shared this wonderful ‪ Happy Tail‬ with us!

Just before Christmas, Braxton joined our family after 18 months with OBG Cocker Spaniel Rescue. Brax was beautifully cared for & trained by his foster, and now he has completely charmed us. He has been learning how to handle things that excite him in a more positive way, so Prozac no more! He feels fabulous and loves to wear outfits. Brax and our son (18) are best buds, plus Brax has a buddy next door, Bonnie, who runs the fence and plays with him every day. (Bonnie was waiting for Brax too!)

When we return home, we are greeted at the door w/either a tennis ball, teddy bear or elephant falling down the stairs into our feet to throw, because the play can not start soon enough after our return, even if it is just to the mailbox. Thanks, OBG, for our second successful placement!

Thanks, Denise, for sharing Brax's Happy Tail and for giving him such a wonderful home and helping him become such a great dog and family member! Yay, Brax!

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