Thursday, March 5, 2015

Maggie's Happy Tail

Maggie's is a very special story. This black beauty had been picked up as a stray in Maryland in mid-February. She was emaciated, severely matted, and neglected. Her nails had grown in to her paw pads. She came into the shelter at 16 pounds, lethargic and almost non-responsive. The shelter had to shave her down because she was so dirty and matted with such long hair. Her eyes were sealed shut from discharge and she couldn’t see. The shelter manager said it was like someone had smeared Vaseline all over eyes.  The manager was so taken by Maggie that she took her under wing.  Within only six days of food and love, Maggie was like a different dog.  Luckily, Maggie has a very healthy appetite.

When OBG's transporters arrived to pick her up on the Valentine's Day weekend, they found such a happy little cocker.  Her long, full tail was just wagging away and she was rolling over on her back for belly rubs.  She is one of the sweetest dogs our transporters have ever met. We think Maggie was on her own of a while but she may have once been someone's pet. She jumped in the car and enjoyed her freedom ride. She greeted dogs in the lobby of OBG's intake vet. 

We thought all was well until OBG's vet called to say Maggie's eye had ruptured overnight from a severe corneal ulcer (an iris prolapse).  An OBG volunteer rushed her to an emergency eye doctor to save her eye. We are happy to report her eye appears to be on the mend with frequent eye drops and a cone for her protection.  We are so lucky we got Maggie out of the shelter when we did and that our vet immediately noticed. We are also so lucky and grateful to OBG volunteer, Debbie D., who stepped forward to help Maggie on an emergency basis.

This same volunteer also offered to foster Maggie to give her the real time attention she needed to monitor her eye and give eye drops every few hours.  As sweet as Maggie is, it was no time before her Debbie fell in love with her and announced her plans to adopt her.  Such a happy tail! We are so thrilled for Maggie and her new Mom.  Have a great life together! 

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