Sunday, March 8, 2015

Farewell to Cody

We were so sad to receive the news of Cody's passing last week.  He had been very sick the last two months.

It seems like just yesterday he had this photo shoot (Summer 2013) and went to his forever home. His Mom said, "Cody was a sweet, precious dog and we all loved him, including his sister, Lilly Lu (OBG Alum – Dec 2011). He will be missed but he’s happy and running in sweet grass now. I just wish we had more time with him, but it was not to be."

His Mom also wanted to thank the Vets and Staff of Hayfield Animal Hospital who were nice and kind to her/Cody during this time. Dr. Molly Mertes was wonderful and tried her best to get Cody well again. 

Cody's time with us was way too short.  We are so grateful to his forever family who gave him such a wonderful home these past 17 months. We are so sorry for their loss. 

Rest in peace, Sweet Cody!

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