Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Sweet 16: Rex's Pupdate

It has been one year since OBG brought the Sweet 16 back from a West Virginia farm to help them find new forever homes. Seven year old Rex was another one of those special pups. We believe he most of his time only with other dogs and as a result, Rex was fearful and uncertain about human contact.  When Rex went to his foster home, he would not go outside, he avoided people, and froze if anyone touched him. In concert with experts at Your Dog's Friend and the Foster Dog Alliance, Rex's Foster Mom began a program to build his confidence. Rex made slow and steady progress and within a few months, he began to seek out his foster parents. We were so excited when his foster Mom decided he was meant to be with her forever. On this one-year anniversary, we checked in with Rex's Mom. This picture collage says it all....

When we took in Rex, he was so scared that he would lose his bowels if you touched him. Through lots of hard work, densensensitization and counterconditioning, patience, and love, Rex is now a happy wigglebutt who loves snuggling with his parents and dog sister (OBG's TItania, 2011). He even recently tried to engage his sister in play -- another wonderful milestone.  If you have a fearful dog, Rex's mom highly recommends attending this webinar: http://fearfuldogs.com/understanding-how-fear-impacts-behavior-best-practices-for-dealing-with-it-webinar/

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