Friday, February 6, 2015

Sweet 16: Reba's Pupdate!

It has been one year since OBG brought the Sweet 16 back from a West Virginia farm to help them find new forever homes. Reba was another one of these pups. We checked in with Reba and her family and she is doing great. Here is her pupdate! 

She is such a joy in our family! She gets along with our two Maine Coon mix kitties. One of my cats, Max Milagro, sits with her at times! Diva Baby, the other cat, touches noses with Reba! My husband, Jan, & I love taking her on walks or to our local dog park. She rides very well in a car and has a nose for everything! Reba truly loves to meet other dogs and play with them! She is never aggressive with other dogs. This is a personality trait of hers that only surfaced when she lost her fear of almost everything new when she came to our home. She had certainly never been in a dog park until we introduced her to our neighborhood one. She was a frightened girl before she became the confident and loving dog she is today.

Reba knows quite a few tricks for treats and she play fetch. She can be very funny when she races for her toy or refuses to give it up so we can toss it again. She is very healthy to the point that we have to watch her from gaining a bit of weight. Her tendency is to eat anything in front of her! She enjoys spending time with us on the futon and being petted and spoken to in a loving way. It is so heartwarming and right that Reba has a second chance in life!

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