Sunday, February 1, 2015

Sweet 16: Gracie's Pupdate

It has been one year since OBG brought the Sweet 16 back from a West Virginia farm to help them find new forever homes.  Gracie was one of those pups.  A beautiful senior girl...probably a golden retriever of some type...she captured the hearts of OBG volunteers and fans with her laid back and sweet demeanor.  We were so excited when her foster Mom decided she was meant to be with her forever.  On this one-year anniversary, we checked in with Gracie.  Her Mom sent us these beautiful photos taken by OBG friend, Jeanne Taylor Photography, and a great update. 

Gracie is the sweetest, happiest girl. She's mostly pretty calm, but when she's happy (when I get home or when we go outside) she does a goofy dance where she runs around the house or the yard high-stepping with her front legs. She loves to be outside. She loves being brushed and when I scratch just above her tail. She likes going on walks but hates crossing the street! As soon as we step off the curb she wants to race to the other side.  Gracie also occasionally tries to "sneak" onto my lap to cuddle. I let her do it - the bigger dogs need affection too!

She has been wonderful with all the foster dogs we've had (I think it's been 4, plus one vacation foster since August when I formally adopted Gracie). She's very good at setting boundaries but not overreacting. A single loud bark in the face has been enough to let our more rambunctious foster dogs know where Gracie draws the line! She gets along great with her brother Boots, an OBG 2007 alum. I can't imagine not having her as part of my family. I love this girl! Mary Jane

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