Friday, February 20, 2015

Pawz for Dogs

Adorable Macy!
With all the snow, ice and salt out there our pups' paws are taking a beating. So here's alum Macy ('12) to share her paw-bootie recommendation for Pawz Dog Boots, natural rubber dog boots!

Macy wants her walk every day and with all the salt on the roads right now, she needs to wear boots. Her Mom told us she's been using “Pawz Dog Boots” for the last two years and they are great. She said they are like big balloons, but thicker than a normal balloon. Macy doesn’t feel them once they are on and walks normally. Available in several colors, Macy, always a canine fashionista, prefers black to go with her coat!

Does your pup wear booties? Tell us about them! 

Tip: If you have trouble putting on these boots, check out this post about using a hoop or ring to put them on.

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