Friday, February 13, 2015

Maxwell's Happy Tail

We were so happy to receive this great pupdate from Maxwell's Mom! He has been through a lot but doing great and he looks fabulous!

Last February, Maxwell was hit by a car and brought into an animal hospital with a broken pelvis & no owners to be found. OBG and SO many of its supporters stepped up and generously contributed to Maxwell's care. It hasn't been an easy year for him but we wanted to let everyone know he's now doing GREAT! 

After eight weeks of crate rest to heal his pelvis, he had major surgery on both back legs to correct luxating patellas that were so bad, he could barely walk. That required another eight weeks of crate rest. He had been doing very well for several weeks, walking and building his endurance, when he tore a tendon in one knee. Fortunately, he did not need more surgery, but he did need to go back on another eight weeks of rest! And then, shortly after we (his foster parents) adopted him, he had an intestinal blockage requiring emergency surgery and ANOTHER eight weeks of limited activity. 

Through it all, Maxwell maintained his sweet disposition and good nature. And the more he came to realize that he was "home" and we were his people, the more he relaxed and the snugglier he became. He hasn't had to see a vet in months! 

He still walks a little funny, but only a little. He can run & trot for short distances and walk & sniff for as long as allowed. After having to be carried him up & down stairs for months, he can now walk up and down any time he wants. (I am very happy about that part!) He uses doggie stairs to get on the couch and snuggle with whoever is on it.

Most importantly, he is a happy dog. He spends his days hanging out with his dad, who works at home, and our other 3 dogs. Sometimes he will come and ask for an ear scratch. If you get the right spot, he (literally) falls right over & goes belly up in doggie joy.

We know a lot of people were pulling for Max and contributed a great deal to make sure he got back on his new legs and feet. We thank them all so much for saving this sweet boy. When we fostered him, we were not looking to adopt another dog but he is a very special soul who just seemed to belong here. And as many adopters say - we can't imagine life without him. 

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