Saturday, February 21, 2015

Macy's Happy Tail!

Macy celebrated her 3rd Gotcha Anniversary last weekend! Sweet Macy came to OBG in 2012 from a Georgia shelter where her owners had just dropped her off. She was in great shape except she was blind and had glaucoma in both eyes. Thanks to the generous donations of many supporters, she had surgery to remove her eyes -- and the blinding headache she likely had from the pain -- and fake eyes were embedded. Unfortunately one of the eyes did not take and had to be removed. You would never know her false eye is not real and when she turns her head to follow your voice it looks like she is looking at you. She quickly became the darling of our volunteers -- just the sweetest disposition and she got along great in her foster home.  So much so that her foster parents adopted her -- she was too special to let go.  Macy's Mom and Dad adore her and easy to see why.  Macy is also a canine fashionista -- her Mom makes her very fashionable coats. We love her in houndstooth and plaid! Her Mom wrote in on her Gotcha Anniversary with this great Happy Tail: 

Macy is doing great. We had our 3-year Gotcha Day this past weekend. And a milestone, she finally went outside with her Dad without me on her 3-year-anniversary. She is still my little girl, but this was a big step for her to go with her Dad instead of me. Usually, I have to go also or she runs back in the house next to me. Here are some pictures of Macy when she was playing Nurse when her Dad was sick. The top one, I tell people she is telling her Dad, “you need to rest and did you eat all your lunch…any crumbs for me?”

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