Sunday, February 22, 2015

It's A Boy! Help OBG Name Him!

Last week, OBG rescued 7-year-old Katie and her friend Annie who were found wondering around on the streets on their own. When the temperatures took a dive, they ended up in a Georgia shelter. At first we thought Katie just needed to lose a few pounds but she had a secret! She couldn't keep it for long though. Only three days after arriving to OBG, on Monday night, February 16th, she delivered two puppies. One puppy did not make it but her baby boy is healthy and doing well. He weighed 240 grams at birth and was up to 312 grams by last Thursday.

His foster Mom tells us he has quite a set of lungs and eats ALL THE TIME! Katie is a very good and experienced Mom. She picks him up, snuggles with him, and cleans him. Isn't she a beauty! We can't wait to see how her little boy grows and develops!

Katie needs YOUR help to name her little boy! Click here and the first person to register and make a donation of $100 will get to name him. We will contact you by email to receive the name you have chosen.

On behalf of Katie and her puppy, we thank you!

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