Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Ellington's Pupdate

We received this GREAT pupdate on Eli (formerly Ellington). You may remember Ellington, the senior cocker OBG rescued last year in honor of Sophie Anne, another pup whom we rescued but was very ill and didn't make it. Eli went to live in a wonderful foster home in Charlottesville, VA with four other fur siblings. 

Eli Loves His Kong!

As he approaches his eight month anniversary with us, Eli has some great news to share! He came to us as a fospice (whom we quickly adopted) diagnosed with kidney issues. We were told this would eventually to lead to kidney failure and he was put on a special diet. Last week the vet tested him and reported the results indicated Eli's kidney functioning was "perfect"! We are so happy for him! Eli has also found the first toy that's held his interest - a Kong! He works the hardest of all our dogs to get at the treat inside! He also has a new snuggle ball bed which he loves more than any bed he's tried here and it keeps him warm and cozy in this frigid weather. All in all a happy boy!

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