Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Holiday's Pupdate

Holiday is not a fan of the camera so foster Mom
helped him to say cheese! 
Holiday is an OBG and fan favorite so we asked his foster Mom for a Holiday pupdate! He is doing great!

Holiday is doing very well - he is the easiest of dogs to care for. He doesn't wake me up in the morning; I usually have to get him up! He loves to cuddle and sleeps very close to me.  Now that his fur has grown in, I think Holiday is a Havanese/Poodle mix.

As part of his medical recovery, he is allowed to go on 3 10-minute walks a day, which he loves and tries to convince anyone who will listen that he hasn't had enough outdoor time. He has some muscle strains resulting from the pelvic injury, so his groin muscles get iced twice a day. He falls asleep while his belly is being rubbed during "icing time."

Holiday adores stuffed toys. Squeakers never fail to catch his attention. He would love to play fetch, but he isn't allowed to run, yet. He will happily bring you a toy, though. He sleeps near the front door when I go out and I recently noted that he had made a "nest" from the towel I had on the floor to dry off feet when coming inside, so I moved a dog bed close to the door for him, and that's where he rests when no one is home.

Sweet Holiday was diagnosed with diabetes a couple of weeks ago, so he now gets insulin shots twice a day. He is such a good patient and never fusses about the injections. They are super easy to give.

Holiday seems to like other calm dogs a lot (but not puppies). He is excellent with the cats. He probably has been my cats' favorite foster.

We hope Holiday finds his forever home soon! If you are interested in meeting him, please email adoptme@cockerspanielrescue.com

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