Friday, January 23, 2015

Calibers' Weight Loss Update

Caliber's Before and After Pictures -- AMAZING!!

Alum Caliber (formerly Chewy) originally came to OBG at a whopping 66 pounds (top photos)! OBG's vets and his foster Mom helped to get him down to 50 pounds before he was adopted in November 2014.

His Mom recently wrote in to let us know how Caliber was doing on his weight loss campaign.

"He is doing so great and today was a big milestone for him! He has lost 10 pounds since he came home with us and went from 50 pounds down to 40 at a steady rate of 1-2 pounds a week. He is now in the final stretch and only has about 5 pounds left to lose! Today Caliber went on his first walk with his brother Gage, and finally had the endurance to keep up with him! (well, almost!). Today was also Caliber's first hike, and he loved all the smells! He even runs for the first few houses on our walks now! He is doing great, and looks like a totally different dog! We are still working on it, but are definitely making progress!" :-)

Thanks for sharing Caliber's update. We so happy to hear of his success! Hugs to Caliber from his friends at OBG! 

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  1. Congratulations Caliber and mom for all the hard work and persistence to lose those 26 pounds! Those of us who have struggled with taking pounds off know the battle. I know Caliber is feeling so much better and he looks wonderful! We met him at a adoption event when we adopted our cocker Colby (formerly
    Harpo) and he was such a sweet boy :-) So proud of you Caliber!!!