Monday, January 5, 2015

Brady Pupdate

All cuddled up while on a trip with his new family
Sweet Brady was OBG's 5th Save of Christmas.  Brady is blind and mostly deaf so foster placement was a challenge. A number of wonderful supporters stepped forward to help Brady including Al Baldwin. Brady initially went to their home as a foster but it only took a short time for Al and his family to decide Brady was already home.  He joined a sister, alum Star, and has settled in quickly into his new home and family.

We received a great pupdate from Al. Brady had quite a busy holiday season and did very well. Al wrote, "He continues to amaze with his hug heart, strong spirit, intelligence, bravery, and affection. Please, people reading this, consider adopting a dog with special needs. The love that is shared is amazing."

We are so happy for Brady and the Baldwin family. We thank them for opening their home and heart to this special boy! Happy New Year!

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