Tuesday, December 16, 2014

OBG's Third Save of Christmas -- Meet Chloe Girl!

Today is special because, as we celebrate the Third Save of Christmas, at sundown we also celebrate the first day of Hanukkah, the Festival of Lights. On this special day, we present Chloe Girl, a stunning six-year-old black cocker spaniel.

This petite girl, who weighs only 17 pounds, turned in to a shelter in North Carolina in November, because her owners said she didn't see very well. OBG learned of sweet Chloe Girl, and with the help of multiple transporters she found her way to OBG's open arms. Chloe Girl has such a beautiful face, petite and demure, with a nose moving a mile a minute. She's ready to be so close to you, and she's quick with the kisses once she finds your face. Yes, Chloe Girl is blind! Her eyes have those tell-tale light blue discs indicating severe cataracts.
Today, Chloe Girl went to see the one of the area's most renowned veterinary ophthalmologists, Dr. Kelley Corcoran (VetVision, Fairfax, VA). Chloe Girl has met many angels since she was dumped at the cold shelter, and this morning she met her angel of sight. We are jumping for joy, because with cataract surgery, sweet Chloe can regain her sight! Dr. Corcoran has generously offered to perform surgery on both eyes at half the cost -- one eye for free! We just need to raise money to pay for the first eye.

Her guardian angel brought Chloe Girl this far: now WE NEED YOUR HELP! The cataract surgeries will cost $2,615.00. Chloe Girl is young, energetic, sweet, and affectionate. She has so much love to give back to the world, if we give her the gift of sight. What a great Holiday gift...to restore sight for a pup to run, play, chase, and see the love in the eyes of doting fosters and eventually her forever family. Chloe Girl is still at the vets waiting for the word on her surgery. Please help Chloe Girl see the Christmas decorations and Festival of Lights!


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Please check back tomorrow for the Fourth Save of Christmas!

Happy Holidays!

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