Monday, December 15, 2014

OBG's Second Save of Christmas - Meet Mr. Skittles!

Meet Mr. Skittles!

As much as we wish we could, OBG cannot take in every dog brought to our attention as needing rescue. We receive requests to rescue dogs every day of the year, and it is painful each time we have to decline. It is especially hard during the holidays, which evoke feelings of generosity and caring, to have to say "no" to a pup in need. It is heartbreaking to walk through a shelter with dozens of soulful eyes following you, hoping you will stop at their pen. But the Second Save of Christmas was one of the lucky ones -- we stopped at his pen and opened the golden gate of rescue.

It was Mr. Skittles' lucky day when he was found by a vet technician in the middle of a country road in rural South Carolina. He was matted, scared, skinny, covered with fleas, full of roundworms, and Heartworm positive. But this 5-year-old white and buff cocker spaniel has the makings of a handsome, healthy dog.

Mr. Skittles was picked up by an OBG volunteer from a transport van very late one night. At 1:30 in the morning, he wanted to PLAY, PLAY, PLAY . . . are ya kiddin' me?? The OBG Intake Coordinator took him home, since none of our intake vet offices were open. Now that he was freed from the shelter, Mr. Skittles had no intention of sleeping. Instead, he scarfed down a huge dinner like he had never seen a square meal, and then snuggled on the couch with the OBG Intake Coordinator and finally fell asleep. This gentle, sweet and friendly pup will have to go through the rigors of heartworm treatment; but while his kennel bills will be high, we think this boy is worth it.

Mr. Skittles is asking YOU to help him raise money for his buddies that are still in shelters waiting for their golden gates to open.


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Please check back tomorrow for the Third Save of Christmas!

Happy Holidays!

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