Monday, December 22, 2014

OBG's 9th Save of Christmas - Meet Papi!

Our ninth save of Christmas is Papi Chulo, whose name means a "handsome, confident guy." This pup does fit his name - he is a striking classic buff cocker and a charmer! 

Papi is one of the many dogs turned in to OBG by owners who are no longer able or willing to keep them. The reasons are many: owners die or enter nursing homes; families move to living situations where no pets are allowed; owners lack the necessary financial resources; a family member is allergic to the dog; or the arrival of children is not a good fit with the dog. It is always heartbreaking to receive a dog being turned in by a sad owner, but even more so around the Holidays.

Ten-year-old Papi had been with his owner since he was a puppy. She married a man who has allergies; the couple now has two small children, and the family is about to move out of the area. Everything added up to the decision that Papi needed to find a new home. We are so glad the owners reached out to OBG instead of dumping Papi at a shelter, even though it was difficult for the children to have Christmas without their puppy companion!

The OBG volunteer who picked up Papi reported: "Papi is not a cuddly ball of serene fur, but an engaged, energetic, playful, happy, affectionate guy." Papi must be confused about suddenly losing the only family he had ever known; but the good news is that he will spend Christmas in a caring foster home with a family that wants to love him, hug him and spoil him until his forever family finds him.


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