Sunday, December 21, 2014

OBG's 8th Save of Christmas -- Meet China!

Our Eighth Save of Christmas isn't saved yet: we just learned about her a few short hours ago! Even as you read this, OBG is rallying its resources to save a cocker/chow mix named China who has surely suffered enough and is deserving of a Christmas miracle.

China was picked up as a stray in Southwestern Virginia. She is 18 years old - that's not a typo: she's 18. The shelter eventually located the owner, who turned out to be the same person who had surrendered 12 dogs to the shelter in the last year alone (???) and agreed to surrender China, as well.

China has lived her life on the end of a chain and reportedly went blind about five years ago. She was sorely neglected; she has one of the worst cases of conjunctivitis the shelter has ever seen, and she was so matted she couldn't defecate. The shelter staff carefully shaved her down, gave her the necessary vaccinations, and started medicating her eyes. Amazingly, China is relatively healthy except for a minor heart murmur and some other small matters. A generous shelter friend offered to temporarily foster China to spare her the cold metal shelter cage. We are told that even after 18 years of neglect, China is a sweet girl who is responding to the kindness and attention she is finally receiving.

We want to save China and ensure her future, but due to her age we must first find a foster home that can take her as soon as OBG brings her in. China's story has galvanized us and exemplifies why we volunteer for OBG. We want her to feel secure and loved for however long she has. Are you willing to share your home with this deserving senior girl? If so, please contact our foster coordinators immediately at

Please let the bells of Christmas ring for China! If you are celebrating the sixth night of Hanukkah, please consider fostering China as a mitzvah.


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Please check tomorrow for the Ninth Save of Christmas!

Happy Holidays!

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