Saturday, December 20, 2014

OBG's 7th Save of Christmas - Meet Mabel!

Our seventh save of Christmas was found walking alone down a rural street in the Blue Ridge foothills near Roanoke, Virginia. Mabel is a black and tan cocker spaniel who had the good fortune to be picked up by the Franklin County Humane Society. It appears she had been dumped recently; she was a matted mess but not underweight. Had she not been picked up, her chances of survival were slim as bitter winter weather approached: Mabel does not see very well, and she appears to be deaf or nearly so.
It is not unusual for OBG to rescue dogs who, like Mabel, are located hundreds of miles away from the D.C. metropolitan area. This is possible because there are amazing volunteers and organizations devoted to transporting animals up and down the East Coast. They are an essential but usually invisible link in the rescue process. Sometimes long-distance drives are split up among several volunteers living along the route, each of whom drives an hour or two to the next relay point. Other times dogs are brought to us by regularly scheduled transport vans stacked many crates high with dogs, cats, and other animals making the trip to a new life. The logistics are complex, and precise timing is a must. Drop-off points to various rescues are typically in public parking lots, such as at a shopping mall. OBG rescues Mabel and Brock were brought to us by one such transport; this being December, it's the Santa Express!!

This week Mabel had an appointment with an eye specialist, Dr. Corcoran, and received some good news. Mabel is not blind and does not need surgery. However, she has severe dry eye from probable neglect and poor nutrition over the years. This makes her eyes so cloudy that, as the vet explained, it is like looking through a very dirty pair of glasses. With twice-daily eye drops, Mabel's vision will improve. Her next hurdle is to see an ear specialist to see if her hearing can be improved. 

What is certain is that in her new life Mabel will be given lots of love and attention, all of which this sweet and gentle girl deserves! Please donate to this year's Holiday Drive so that we can rescue more pups!


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Happy Holidays!

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