Friday, December 19, 2014

OBG's 6th Save of Christmas - Meet Dina!

They say wonderful things can come in small packages -- and this is certainly true in the case of a certain tiny bundle of joy dressed in a red ribbon under the tree. Our sixth save of Christmas is Dina, an adorable five-year-old Chihuahua!

Dina somehow landed in a shelter in South Carolina, where she remained unclaimed. How can anyone abandon such a sweet little girl? Dina had a buddy at the shelter; but when he was scooped up by another rescue, Dina, who had been diagnosed as heartworm positive, was left behind. She would surely have been put down, had not some of Santa's elves -- in the guise of OBG volunteers -- stepped in. So on the 13th of December, Dina, "honorary cocker," got a ride in a beautiful sleigh - transport van to some - to Northern Virginia and straight into the arms of her waiting foster mom.

Dina was in for a second miracle: when she was retested for heartworm, the findings were negative! What joyous news -- Dina is spared the long ordeal of heartworm treatment.

Dina is happily settling in at her fosters' home. After showing that she is housebroken, she has been given free roam of the house. At night she gets to sleep next to her foster parents under the covers of a big warm bed (she recommends this). Foster Pop is the special dude in her life -- she hops straight onto his lap for hugs and petting and . . . gee . . . what smells so good in that little treat bag you're holding . . .?

Dina does not shirk her household chores. She understands that her job is to sit at the patio door and give warning when any furry little creature with a long gray tail tries to invade the bird feeders. It's the least she can do.

Our wonderful Christmas gift will soon be looking for a forever home. In the meantime, she hopes you will consider donating to OBG's Holiday Fund. Dina's two miracles would not have happened, were it not for the generosity of our incredible OBG supporters!


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Happy Holidays!

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