Thursday, December 25, 2014

OBG's 12th Save of Christmas - Meet Angel!

The Twelfth Save of Christmas is truly a blessing. On Christmas morning we celebrate the rescue of a ten-year-old cocker/beagle mix the shelter named Buffy.

Buffy was found soaking wet and shivering during a snowstorm in a rural area of Pocahontas County, WV. We believe she was dumped by her owner. She could barely walk and might not have made it through the night. But it was not her time: cocker angels waiting at the Rainbow Bridge pointed a shelter truck her way. In their honor, we are renaming her Angel.

Angel spent the first several days in the shelter recovering from her ordeal and barely moving from her warm bedding. Gradually, she started to walk around in her large run, her tail wagging as people approached. Now she is soaking up all the attention and love she can, and when she is petted or scratched she blisses out, eyes half shut. One of the great joys of rescue is seeing a traumatized animal regain its spirit!

Meanwhile, the shelter staff and the Advocates for Shelter Animals in Pochahontas County, WV (ASAPWV) scrambled to find this sweet girl a rescue group that would take her for Christmas. When we heard about Angel, we knew we wanted to bring her into the OBG fold.

Angel received some initial medical care at the shelter. Their vet reports that Angel's ear canals are narrow from chronic infections and that she most likely is deaf. Angel will soon be arriving in Northern Virginia on an OBG Holiday Sleigh to start her new life. She will then receive a full medical evaluation, likely including a visit to an ear specialist. OBG will ensure that she gets the treatments she needs. Perhaps even more important, we will place her in a foster home where she will be safe and warm: her days of neglect and misery are finally over.

Until then, our sweet Christmas girl is being well taken care of at the shelter. It is YOU, our generous supporters, who turn misery into miracles. We THANK YOU for your compassion for these precious pups. Please consider a donation this holiday in honor of Angel and all that she represents - the miracle of rescue!!


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Merry Christmas!

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  1. I would love to have her and let her live out her life with me