Wednesday, December 24, 2014

OBG's 11th Save of Christmas -- Meet Yula and Her Four Puppies!

On this Christmas Eve, we don't have an Eleventh Save . . . we have Five Saves! Are you ready? Okay, all together now: "aaawww . . . puppies!" Please join us in welcoming "honorary cocker" Yula and her four sweet little girls!

Yula -- just a pup herself at two years old -- and her 12-week-old daughters were turned in to the Tazewell, County (VA) Animal Shelter because the owner didn't want them. We don't know a lot about them, including what kind of mix they are -- Yula weighs about 25 pounds -- but we are looking forward to discovering their individual personalities!

The shelter took these cute pictures in the hope of finding them a home. OBG was delighted to rescue them, and it will be our pleasure to find them wonderful forever homes. Yula, Norma, Mara, Aubrey, and Tambi will be arriving on the Holiday Sleigh (transport van) on Saturday and will immediately go to waiting foster families. After their initial vetting and an adjustment period in their foster homes, Yula and her wiggly pups will be looking for permanent homes where they will be loved and spoiled!

On this happy occasion, please join us in singing OBG's version of The 12 Days of Christmas!

On the 12th day of Christmas, my true love gave to me--

12 puppies snugglin'

11 fur coats gleamin'

10 snouts a-sniffin'

9 butts a-wigglin'

8 paws a-dancin'

7 tails a-waggin'

6 ears a-flappin'

5 ...golden ...collars!!

4 particolors

3 buff beauties

2 eyes a-lovin'

And a cocker in a forever home!!


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Please check tomorrow for the Twelfth Save of Christmas!

Happy Holidays!

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