Tuesday, December 23, 2014

OBG's 10th Save of Christmas -- Meet Pandi

Our tenth save of Christmas traveled a great distance to reach OBG's warm welcome. This past weekend one of our dedicated volunteers drove all the way to Massachusetts to pick up a ten-year-old black cocker spaniel named Pandi.

Turning Pandi over to OBG was a heart-wrenching decision for her owners. The husband is a veteran of the Armed Forces whose military-related injuries are now requiring transplant surgery. His wife is also suffering from illness and cannot provide the care Pandi needs. Because they want what is best for Pandi, they decided she needed a new home and contacted OBG. What a sad Christmas for them!! OBG is proud to support our veterans and assured the owners that we would find Pandi a loving new family.

Pandi has a wonderful temperament and is Candy Sweet!! She will need some medical care; she has eye issues, and she needs to be spayed at the tender age of ten. She also has a head tilt, which can be indicative of ear issues; but we will know more once her intake vetting is complete. Being removed from the only home she has ever known is certainly a big adjustment for Pandi. Her biggest adjustment may be learning a southern drawl compared to the famous New England accent....wonder how they say "let's go pottttty" in New England.

Helping her through it all will be a loving, caring foster family that will spare no effort to give her a Merry Christmas and a new start in life!

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Happy Holidays!

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