Thursday, December 11, 2014

Kira's Happy Tail

We loved receiving this letter from OBG alum Kira (formerly Kara)! Such a beautiful girl! Send us your happy tails at

Dear OBG Friends,

I am having Dad write this to you for two reasons: (i) because Dad does not allow me to use the computer; and, (ii) because it is so much easier to dictate instead of me trying to type with my enormous and well-groomed paws that Mom just blow-dried because it was raining outside.

I am glad to report that I am in my HOME. I can't recall having been loved so much in my life. Keep in mind that many things may have been forgotten in the past seven months, because I have been extremely busy learning all the love words in Spanish, which is now my first language when I am with Mom and Dad; and my second language when I am with Maria, their daughter.
I live in Virginia now in a little home by a big lake; where Mom does not let me go because there are too many "ugly bugs" (that's how she calls them...). I have learned to love her and listen to her speaking with her Mom (Grandma) and her friends. She also asks me for advice once and a while, which I tend to offer a lot for I have a lot of time to think... Dad is always in a hurry, but he takes his time to take me out to do what I must and play with me and my toys, including my fluffy pink monkey, my tennis ball and what is left of a brown bear that used to be Maria's... But I spend most of my time with Maria, my loving Angel. I sit next to her all evenings when she comes from school and hits the books very hard. As usual, I try to help as well, but I truly believe that she can do very well by herself so I just keep company and watch her grow with so much love...As of recently, Mom and Dad have allowed me to sleep next to Maria's bed which is great because is warm and I do like the decoration of her room.

I want to THANK YOU for helping me find my final destination in life. This is something that not too many beings get to say about their lives and for that I feel so very fortunate. I had Dad writing this long email in hopes that someone thinking of adopting a dog (as I was) can imagine a story like mine; and have another OBG dog find his/her loving place in this world.

I would bark my goodbye, but everybody at home is already sleeping. So, instead, I just send you all the love that I have. And I can do that, because I have so much love to give thanks to you!

Ms. Kira

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