Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Holiday Pupdate

Sweet Holiday is all ready to meet his Santa match next week. We checked in with his foster mom and she sent this update. 

Holiday is doing VERY well! He started physical therapy this week. His exercises include things like using the Balance Board, Stretching, Cone Weaving, and Underwater Treadmill Sessions (WOW!). The therapists say he works very hard through all of his exercises, and he's quite cooperative. He adores all the attention, and he greets everyone with a tail wag and kisses. Holiday and I now have homework to do twice a day. He is allowed to have 15 minute walks three times a day, but no stairs/jumping/running quite yet. We anticipate that he'll add those activities back into his daily life as physical therapy progresses.

For hailing from South Carolina, Holiday certainly doesn't seem to mind the colder weather. He spent a fair amount of time outside the other day on a doggie bed on my deck. He even brought a chew toy out there to enjoy.

YAY for Holiday! Thanks to everyone for the donations and prayers for this little boy! He is almost ready for a forever home. 

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