Sunday, December 21, 2014

Ashley - Guest Blogger - Part 7

Hi Everybody,

It's Ashley ('11 alum) again. I thought I'd catch you up on my observations of the big dog pack I live with…every time I turn around, there's another doggy! I have to check them out and vote on if they get to stay or not, but they've all been pretty nice, so I've given them a thumbs up. Now we are five!

Copper was the first to join "my" pack after my sister Gracie went to the Rainbow Bridge and I'd only been in my new home a few months. I have another sister, Cappy, whom I'll talk about later. My dad drove all the way to a rescue in Tennessee to get Copper, can you imagine he was that special? Well, he WAS big! About twice as big as I am, and young, and a boy…so you can see that he blazed a trail right through the house, snatching all my toys on his way! My parents call him the "Thug" sometimes because he seems pretty slow in learning his manners. Basically, he horns in on everything and because he's so big, everyone has to get out of his way. He doesn't want to share his treats or attention from our folks at all. One thing I loved about him though was he liked to play with me and when we woke up in the morning, we would horse (dog) around and snap and growl and leap and jump so our humans just had to get out of bed. We don't do that so much anymore, because Copper prefers his tennis balls to me!

Cappy is my sister and was here to greet me when I moved in. She is pretty small and although I try to play with her by putting my arm on her back, she doesn't find that fun at all. She is the oldest of us and to my thinking a real "prima donna". For instance, she insists on the right mixture of kibble and wet food for her meals and they must be heated up! She stops eating after her food is about 2/3 gone, walks away, and waits for Mom or Dad to stir it up for her before she'll finish it. Wow! I scarf mine down before I even know what's in my bowl! Of course, Cappy also gets to eat by herself because the 3 of us who are chow hounds would rush to eat her food, too. Cappy loves her home and yard and doesn't want to go for walks (amazing!) In fact, my folks tell the story that one day when painters mistakenly didn't close the gate to our yard, Cappy and another dog took off through the neighborhood. Finally, when circling back by our house after looking for them, they found Cappy trying to dig her way under the fence, back into the yard! Cappy has her special pillows which she doesn't like to share, so she growls a little if any of us get too close to one when she's using it. She does like to run in the yard and bark at our neighbor dogs with us and she walks around the bedroom at night making sure we're all in our proper beds. She takes good care of us.

Junior ('13 alum) is the only one of us who actually looks like a cocker spaniel and he is pretty cute! When he first came into the house he made a bee line to the pantry to check out if we had food for him, then he could relax and explore the rest of the house. Junior loves to bark and he has the strangest little bark, Mom and Dad always know it's him by that bark! His favorite thing is to lie on the front porch stretched out in the sunshine. He also gets so excited when my parents come home he 'zooms' back and forth full speed from front door to the back door! He tries to make a nest out of all his dog pillows - which doesn't work too well - so he's been given two blankets he can design however he wants!

The latest addition to our family is Ellington ('14 alum). We call him Eli for short. He is almost as old as Cappy, but not as sure on his feet as she is. I try to hug him too, but Mom always tells me to stop because sometimes I knock him down - I never mean to do this - it just happens. He is good natured about it though and everything else. He seems to be happy with the household routines and even goes to get our dad when it's time for his eyedrops. He also heads toward the kitchen when it's time for dinner. I don't know how he learned to tell time like that! He gets more baths than the rest of us, to help his skin we're told. I'm a little jealous, because I love to get baths, too, which I usually get if I get muddy, but not on a regular basis! Eli also gets to eat by himself in the office, because he needs to eat all his special diet…not share it with us!

So that's my family! We range in age from 5 to 16, we all get along great and have always made the latest dog feel welcome - I think!

Hope all the doggies at OBG and everywhere find a new chew toy and some yummy treats in their stockings this Christmas!


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