Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Tips for Caring for Cocker Ears

A big OBG Thanks to Dr. David Saylor of VCA Veterinary Referral Associates of Gaithersburg, MD for his great presentation on the common causes of cocker ear infections and how to treat them. We all learned a lot about caring for those famous cocker ears!

Dr. Saylor gave details on ear anatomy and the procedures and tools he uses to examine and treat the ears. Here are the key tips he provided to the audience for ear care.
  • If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Dr. Saylor indicated constant ear cleaning can actually make a dog more prone to infections. If your dog is not showing any signs of ear problems, he recommends leaving the ears alone. This is very different from the "clean the ears two or three times a week" rule of thumb many of us have followed over the years.
  • In addition to obvious signs of an ear infection such as a dog scratching at his ears or visible signs of infection, if your dog is biting at his skin and paws, that can indicate allergies and the vet should check the ears to see if the ears are being affected by those same allergies.
  • Many ear infections are caused by allergies. It is important to feed your dog a high quality dog food that does not contain chicken, beef, wheat or grain.
For additional info, check out the ASPCA page on ear infections: click here!

Tell us in the comments below on how you deal/have dealt with your pups' ear problems! 

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