Saturday, November 8, 2014

Pupdate on Mira (formerly Mokey)

Love her in pink!
We have a pupdate on Mokey who, in honor of her new lease of life, has changed her name to Mira (short for Miracle)! We LOVE the new name! :-)

Mira has settled into her new foster home with two canine siblings, including fellow OBG foster Mango and Marley.  Mango has become her bestie.  She is getting along great with everyone including the cats and is enjoying sleeping on the bed with the pack! She has learned the doggie door and follows her hoomans around, always keeping an eye on them. She loves to walk in her fenced-in yard and sniff around. Her foster parents adore her and say she is such a wonderful, sweet little girl.

Mira and her bestie, Mango
She is still thin but gaining weight. She is up to 17.2 pounds but probably has about 3 pounds to gain. Her foster parents tell us she LOVES to eat and lucky for her, she can eat three times a day!

Mira has developed quite a fashion sense for sweaters and is loving the chance to wear one every day. We think she looks fabulous in them!

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