Saturday, November 15, 2014

Lucy's Puppies - Meet Sebastian

Meet Sebastian! Thanks to Amy K for naming our little teddy bear after her first male cocker!
Getting to know Sebastian -- some fun facts from his foster Mom.
  • He has been the tiniest puppy
  • He has the longest, thinest tail
  • He was the last of the puppies to open his eyes
  • He can usually found sleeping with another puppy (see video of him finding a friend)
  • His nickname has been Teddy - he looks like a teddy bear
  • He used to be VERY hard to tell him apart from Boy #2 from the back, but he has a light brown head and Boy #2 has a dark brown head (now they look pretty different).

Only one more pup (Boy Four) is waiting for a name. :-( Please help us name him! Click here to register and make a donation of $100. We are also holding a puppy shower for Lucy to help her get all the things she needs to raise her puppies. Click here to see the registry and make a donation.  Stay tuned to the blog to meet the other puppies!

On behalf of Lucy and the puppies, we thank you!

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