Monday, November 17, 2014

Lucy's Puppies - Meet Sammie!

Meet Sammie! Thanks to Linda P. for her generous donation to name one of Lucy's puppies!

Linda tells us she selected the name Sammie in honor of her first OBG foster dog, Sammie, and all the special people who adopt senior dogs. Sammie was a senior who sadly was found to have cancer and only lived another 11 days after going to foster with Linda. Her Sammie was fuzzy black with some brown so Lucy's pup (boy two) is the perfect one to carry his name.

Get to know Sammie - fun facts from his foster Mom:
  • He is the best "walker" of the group (see movie)
  • He is the second to start walking (beaten by Ralphie)
  • He is the second to open his eyes (beaten by Ralphie again)
  • He is the most active puppy, but still a mellow guy

Now that the puppies are getting bigger and eating more, Lucy needs lots of things to help care for them. Please consider a donation to her puppy shower. Click here to see the registry and make a donation.

On behalf of Lucy and the puppies, we thank you!

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