Friday, November 14, 2014

Lucy's Puppies - Meet Ralphie

Lucy and her five pups
In late October, OBG received a plea from a shelter to help a new Mom, Lucy, and her newborn puppies. They had no room to keep them and a shelter is not a good place for puppies. The shelter wanted to get them into a rescue and foster home as soon as possible. An OBG volunteer offered to foster them and they arrived in the DC area last week.

We are holding a puppy naming contest and the first puppy to be named is RALPHIE! What a precious boy! 

Hello, Ralphie!
His foster mom gave us the following fun facts about Ralphie:
  • First puppy to open his eyes
  • Only puppy to be able to find his mom and begin nursing without any help
  • Was the largest puppy initially, but now is in the middle of the pack
  • Often sleeps on his back and looks like a walrus (see photo)
  • One of the first puppies to begin walking
  • Has wrinkles of fur on his legs
  • Now weighs over 2 pounds

Two of Ralphie's siblings have also been named. Stay tuned to meet them here on the blog. Ralphie's other two siblings are still without names.  :-(  Please help us name them! Click here to register and make a donation of $100 and you will get to name one of them. We are also holding a puppy shower for Lucy to help her get all the things she needs to raise her puppies. Click here to see the registry and make a donation. 

On behalf of Lucy and Ralphie, we thank you!

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