Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Lucy's Puppies - Meet Lucky!

Meet Lucky! Thanks to Marty M., Mom to OBG alum Cinnamon, for her generous donation to name Lucky! She chose the  name Lucky as "he is lucky to be with OBG and will be lucky again when he is adopted." She also thought it from his Mom's name Lucy -- just added a "k" to make it Lucky!

Get to know Lucky! Fun facts from his Foster Mom:
  • He is the second smallest puppy
  • He has the cutest white diamond on top of his head
  • He loves to snuggle the most with mom (see photo). Awwww!
  • Here is a video of him learning to walk and one of his siblings video-bombed him!

Now that the puppies are getting bigger and eating more, Lucy needs lots of things to help care for them. Please consider a donation to her puppy shower. Click here to see the registry and make a donation.

On behalf of Lucy and the puppies, we thank you!

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