Saturday, October 25, 2014

Mokey Has Been Found!

Dear Friends,

As many of you know, one of OBG's Sweet Sixteen, Mokey, escaped from her adopter back in June of this year. She has been living on the streets since then, but we at OBG have never given up hope that one day we would be able to find her and bring her back to OBG. Thanks to Sam with Pure Gold Pet Trackers, we recently found the area where Mokey had been living by using Sam's tracking dog. OBG volunteers then hung up flyers in the area where the track ended and worked with Sam to set up a humane trap to catch Mokey. The trap worked and within days, Mokey was back safely with OBG.

I cannot say thank you enough not only to Sam from Pure Gold Pet Trackers, but also to OBG volunteers who have worked so hard these past months to look for Mokey. I want to give a special thank you this week to Erin and Marilyn who set up the trap and who sprung to action in the middle of the night when the call came in that Mokey was in the trap.

Mokey is now severely underweight and food will have to be reintroduced slowly to her so as not to cause gastrointestinal problems. In addition, she was covered in hundreds of ticks. The vet has removed the ticks, cleaned her up, taken x-rays, and done bloodwork to make sure there are no additional health problems. We are pleased to say she is otherwise healthy and should make a full physical recovery. 

Unfortunately, Mokey's emotional recovery may take some time. She is understandably very frightened right now. We are looking for a foster home for her with a securely fenced-in yard and someone who will be patient and work with her so she can learn to trust people. If you think your home might be right for Mokey, please email

As always, I want to end by thanking all of you for your ongoing support of OBG. We could not continue to save hundreds of lives a year without you.

Your Friend in Rescue,

Teresa Butler
OBG President

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