Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Joey's Special Donation to OBG!

We recently received the most touching note about a special young man named Nicholas and his love for his fur-brother, Joey.

"We adopted our sweet dog Joey from OBG almost 10 years ago. He is the best dog and we love him VERY much. So much that when my eight-year-old son had a birthday party in late September he decided he had enough stuff, so he asked for donations to OBG instead of presents for him. He raised $145.00 and has quite a few toys and treats to send you as well. We will be sending a medium sized box your way this week. Please keep a look out for it. Thank you.

Much love,
Chris, Elizabeth, Nicholas and Joey"

Last week Nicholas' package arrived. His total donation had risen to $200 plus toys and treats. We were so overwhelmed by his generosity and thoughtfulness. 

OBG foster dogs, Rhett Butler, Skilo, and Ladybug couldn't wait to enjoy the treats and toys.  On behalf of Rhett, Skilo, Ladybug and their foster siblings, we thank Nicholas. We hope he had a wonderful birthday!

Skilo and Ladybug (top left); Ladybug (top right);
Rhett Butler (bottom left); and Rhett and Skilo (bottom right)

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