Thursday, September 4, 2014

Jacks' Happy Tail

We were thrilled to receive this Happy Tail for Jacks (formerly Tito) who was adopted in 2009! What joy to see how wonderful his life is and how he helps his Mom everyday! Thank you to his Mom, Ayla, for giving him such a wonderful home! Enjoy this letter from her!

The Fateful Day at PetSmart
My name is Ayla and I am the person fortunate enough to have adopted “Tito” from you in 2009; this letter is a long time in coming. When I first met ‘Tito’ I was just trying to get an English Cocker ‘fix," three years prior I had lost my fur-baby, Chelsea; she was a black English cocker. I had been on the OBG website and saw there was an English Cocker scheduled to be at the PetSmart in Columbia, MD, so I made the trip just to see her; as fate would have it, the little English cocker was not there but a wonderful and beautiful young man was.

When I arrived, I was introduced to a very nice and sweet older black American Cocker and as I was petting her my attention kept being drawn to a lovely champagne coloured pup playing with a young family. The foster Mom of the cocker I was petting was doing her very best to get me interested, but as I had said I wasn’t really interested in adopting. As I was thanking the foster mom and turned to leave, the family playing with the beautiful pup walked away. I immediately walked over and asked if I could pet him, his foster Mom, Kathy Kirschner, insisted; she introduced him as Tito. He was very friendly and I was drawn in…Kathy must have seen ‘something’ because shortly thereafter she asked if I would like to go outside to meet him in a more quiet environment. I readily agreed, once outside I sat on the ground and Tito came immediately to me and sat in my lap…I was done. Next thing I knew I was filling out an application, doing a home inspection, bringing my roommate’s dog to meet Tito, and after that Tito became ‘Jacks’ and mine. His story doesn’t end there though….

Side by Side with his Mom Keeping her Safe
From the first day I met him it was like he had always been with me, he was like an old shoe to me and I to him. There wasn’t really an adjustment period for us because I believe he was meant to be with me. I began obedience training him straight away and he was so smart, picking up every command with ease. A little about me, I am an insulin dependent diabetic, I also don’t feel it if my glucose levels are dropping. It is a life threatening situation I have to be vigilant about, checking blood sugar constantly. Not long after bringing him home it was noticed that Jacks would become hyper-attentive to me prior to these low blood sugar episodes, “fall-outs” as I call them. My doctor suggested that I possibly train him to actually alert me to my lows. I thought this was a great idea and began his training immediately. We trained intensively for the next year and in 2011 Jacks went ‘live’ with me as my service dog. He consistently alerts to my lows and shows such professionalism as a service dog you would never guess he had such a horrible start; he has made such an impact upon my life, its amazing. I can never thank him for all he does for me but I also like to think it's his way of thanking me too. I thank OBG for bringing us together and can't express enough the gratitude I feel.

Enjoying a Treat for All his Hard Work


  1. What a wonderful story!

  2. So very glad you two found one another! A wonderful story with many more chapters!