Monday, August 4, 2014

Shadow's Pupdate!

Shadow came to OBG in January after his owner couldn't give him the time and attention he deserved.  He found his forever Mom in February.  His Mom recently sent us this pupdate along with an adorable video of Shadow on his daily squirrel hunt.  So great to hear how well he is doing!  

Shadow has been doing great! We've had a fantastic summer! We met my parents in Shenandoah for a weekend of hiking in June, drove up to Boston to see some of my friends for 4th of July, went camping this past weekend at a lake where Shadow started learning to swim, and have gone on day hikes all over the DC metro area all summer long! He does great when he meets new people and when we're in new situations. I've been so impressed with how well he adapts and how easy-going he is.

Click here to watch a video of him trying to climb a tree to play with a squirrel -- it's his absolute favorite thing to do. When we go for walks, he always tries to drag me to the squirrel park so he can go look for his squirrel friends.

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