Thursday, August 28, 2014

Sadie's Pupdate!

Sadie in April 2014 and Now in August, 11 Pounds Slimmer
We heard from Sadie's Mom about Sadie's weight loss campaign and wow, check out her before and now pictures! Kudos to Sadie and her Mom for helping her become healthier and happier!  Check out her pupdate!

Sadie (formerly Lady Diva) was adopted in April of this year and has been a work in progress. She was grossly overweight at in-take, but is now 11 pounds lighter! Along with an improvement in her health, she has developed an abundance of energy! We spend a lot of time in training, but she is a quick study and is so eager to please. She is exceedingly intelligent, and on long “downs” she will get bored and will pull herself along the floor on her belly. When I give her a disapproving look she’s like “what...I’m still down”! She has a wicked sense of humor! She is turning into a real beauty.

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