Tuesday, August 19, 2014

It Takes a Village to Save a Life!

In the world of rescue, it takes a village to save a life and I cannot think of a better illustration of how the OBG village works, than the story of 14-weeks-old Boomer. Recently, OBG was contacted by a supporter who saw a Craig's List posting about a 12-week-old puppy that needed a new home. I could do an entire newsletter on the horrors of placing a dog through Craig's List, but suffice it to say it is a very dangerous practice. This cute little puppy could very easily have ended up as a backyard breeder dog or pit bull bait if he fell into the wrong hands. The OBG supporter who first saw the Craig's List posting contacted the owner and was able to negotiate the sale of Boomer to $300, a price well worth paying to save this little guy's life. Unfortunately, that was the easy part.

First, we had to convince Boomer's owner to sell him to rescue since the majority of Craig's List posters are notoriously reluctant to work with a rescue. I spent hours talking and texting with the owner before she finally agreed to let Boomer go to OBG if we would still pay the $300 fee. Then she told us he had to be picked up in two days or he would have to go to a shelter. The problem was he was six hours away from the DC area where OBG is based and it was the middle of the work week. At that point, one of OBG's dedicated intake volunteers was able to contact a local rescue volunteer who agreed to pick up Boomer and keep him at her house for a few days. We also had volunteers who donated the money to pay for Boomer and our Treasurer took care of the arrangements to get the money to the local rescuer so she would have cash when she met up with Boomer's owner.

Once Boomer was safe in the hands of the local rescue worker, transport had to be arranged. The local rescuer was kind enough to drive half way to meet me with Boomer. The OBG village that helped to save Boomer was rounded out by the foster coordinators who work on placing rescues in their foster homes, the family that is fostering him, the vets that treat OBG rescues at a discount so we can afford their services, all the volunteers who deal with administrative work such as maintaining the website where Boomer and other dogs are listed and last, but most certainly not least, his adopters when he finds his furever home.

I wish I could say that Boomer's story is unique, but the fact is his rescue actually took less effort than many. The dogs whose lives are saved by OBG desperately need the OBG village to stay strong and that includes all of you! Please consider supporting one or more of OBG's fundraisers so the next time we are called to save a dog like Boomer, we can create another happy tail.

As always, thank you all for your support.

Teresa Butler, OBG President

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