Monday, August 25, 2014

A Very Special Happy Tail for Ellington

You may remember Ellington, aka Eli, the senior cocker OBG rescued in honor of Sophie Anne, another pup whom we rescued but was very ill and didn't make it. Eli went to live in a wonderful foster home in Charlottesville, VA with four other fur siblings. It didn't take long for Eli to steal their hearts and we heard last week he has found his forever home. Here is a note we received from his failed foster parents. We are so happy for Eli and his now forever parents. 
Dear OBG,

We have had little Ellington for more than 2 months now and realize we don't want even the remote chance that he would go anywhere else. His siblings, Ashley, Junior, Copper, and Cappy, have told us that they want him to stay forever and want to drop the 'foster' word describing him.

Tom and I have actually told Eli from the start this would be the last place he would need to get used to and that he would not be going anywhere. It has been so nice to see him open up to being petted (we don't think he ever was!), to being confident that he has a bowl of food waiting for him twice a day, and his big orthopedic bed to crawl into every night (and he has begun to go into that bed on his own recently at bedtime, whereas before we'd have to gently lead him with a leash). He is hanging out with us and the other dogs more and more and comes up to us wagging his little tail when he sees us and when we come home from being away for a short while. The progress has been slow but steady, and we look forward to him feeling more at ease and comfortable.

The failed fosters,
Judy and Tom

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