Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Summer Matching Fund Has Begun!

Back by popular demand is the OBG Matching Funds Drive! Now through August 31st, every donation made to OBG up to $34,000 will be doubled for a total of $68,000 to help the pups! You donate $1 and it becomes $2! $50 turns into $100 for the dogs! $500 doubles to $1,000 - think of all the good that could do!

Our fund drive is critical to enabling OBG to help dogs like Fawn.  Read about Fawn's story and more in the President's Letter (click here). OBG has already spent thousands of dollars this summer on multiple dogs, and we will need thousands more. This has been one of the worst summers ever for pups needing expensive medical care. YOUR support throughout the last year has been incredible, and I hope we can count on your support again.

Please click here to make an online donation.  

Please click here if you would like to print out a form to mail in a donation.

Please note OBG will only receive as much money in matching funds as we receive in donations from all of you, so your donations are crucial to the success of this drive. Help us help them - please donate and spread the word to your family, friends and coworkers!

On behalf of all the cuddly cockers of OBG, thanks for your support!

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