Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Happy 1st Anniversary to Bliss and Cookie May

Happy 1st Gotcha Anniversary to adorable alums Cookie May and Bliss. Their Mom wrote in to tell us how great they are doing! We love receiving these Happy Tail updates!

I wanted to share our 1 year anniversary with all of you at OBG. I adopted Cookie May (Mom) and Bliss (Daughter) on June 20, 2013.

In the past year, they have worked their way into my heart and they bring me delight every day. Adopting these two from OBG was the best decision I could have made.

Cookie May was at home right away when she found some squeaky balls. She is seldom without one in her mouth. She continues to play by herself for hours on end and falls asleep with one in her mouth all the time. She is a very sweet, loving girl with a zest for life.

Bliss was a bit harder to win over, but in the last few months I am seeing better behavior and more and more of her personality come out. She is a Momma’s girl now. She is with me always, loves her (or are they my) routines(?), gives kisses very freely and often (she will just walk up and kiss me throughout the day), talks to me a lot and has been sleeping with me the last few months. Bliss is very intelligent and listens very intently to everything I say. She loves her “Blissy” time, this is when we go down to the family room and she sits on the hassock and gives me kisses while I give her a massage. Ah heaven! What is Cookie doing when we do this? She is of course playing narby with a ball and all is nirvana for her too.

These two sweeties bring me much joy each day.

Thanks for all the help from OBG in getting these two into my life.

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