Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Happy 1st Anniversary, Milo!

Happy 1st Gotcha Anniversary to Milo and Stephanie! We love your photos (especially the one with Milo resting his head on your shoulder) and your pupdate! Thank you for sharing!

Hi OGB! Just wanted to share a little update on the one-year anniversary of adopting my best friend.

It was one year ago today that "Milo" (formerly Buckaroo) came home with me, and every day since I've been grateful to have this little guy by my side. And he is by my side a lot! Milo comes with me to work, which involves the daily adventure of riding the metro. He happily climbs into his carrier for the train ride, and then more happily bursts out of it when we emerge in the city and trots down the busy sidewalks to the office. He works hard all day removing the stuffing from toys, receiving treats from visitors, and snoozing. On our days off, we've been to the beach and the lake and lots of dog parks. Looking forward to another year with my sweet companion, couch cuddler and coworker!

Thanks for all you do and especially for rescuing my Milo!!


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