Sunday, July 20, 2014

Ellington's Pupdate

Ellington's Foster Mom wrote in to give us an update on how well he is settling in with his foster siblings and humans. Such a great news for this "Oldie But Goodie." You may remember we were able to rescue Ellington in honor of sweet Sophie Ann.  OBG had rescued her but then learned she was too sick to survive.  

His Foster Mom wrote: 
He is such a dear little dog. Each baby step he makes makes us so happy. He sleeps through the night and has learned the doggy door. He is eating really well and gained 2.5 pounds already! And at his last exam, the vet said he no longer needs the antibiotic eye drops and he does not have glaucoma! YAY! 

Ellington hanging with his fur siblings
including OBG alums Ashley & Junior and
He has started to come up to us wagging his tail when he sees us, which is more often now that he has more energy. He is sleeping less and less, too and is starting to run a bit now. He enjoys being petted for a short bit and even gives kisses. He is hanging out with everyone (fur sibs and us) more as he gets more comfortable.

He has made so much progress in such a short time. We love him a lot already!

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