Saturday, July 26, 2014

A Memorial to Guest Blogger Bungie

A sweet farewell to our fellow guest blogger, Bungie who passed over the Rainbow Bridge on May 27th at the age of 16.

His Mom prepared this tribute:
We are heartbroken by his loss. We were so blessed to share 4 wonderful years with him. Bungie was our very first foster dog (and foster failure). He arrived at OBG after his owner passed away and was a mess with massive ear, eye, and skin infections. We’ve never known a sweeter dog than Bungie. Despite recurrent ear and skin infections, 3 cancerous lumps, glaucoma, and MRSA he never lost his sweet disposition and remained the gentlest of souls. He loved nothing more than a good cuddle and spending time near his people. When he went blind, I wore perfume so that he could follow me around the house. He was the best office mate I could ever ask for. He was my baby boy and a true oldie but goodie. We miss him every day.

Our hearts go out to Lindsey and Eric. Thank you for giving him such a great and loving home these last four years. RIP friend!

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