Friday, June 6, 2014

Week 11: Jax's Biggest Loser Campaign

Intake Weight: 56 Pounds
New Weight: 34 Pounds

Jax's Campaign: Jax is on a mission to lose at least 27 pounds. Let's cheer him on to "LOSE THAT WEIGHT!" You will hear about Jax's progress through his, his foster brother Ziggy's and his foster mom Mary's eyes.  Jax lost another pound!! Keep going, Jax, almost there! Check out how week 11 went in his foster home!
Week 11

Ahh, I made it! Ziggy can't laugh
at me now!*
I did it! I did it! (CHECK ME OUT on my video) I got myself onto the sofa while Mary was pulling contraband out of Scout’s mouth. Boy, was she surprised to turn around and see me tucked into a corner of the couch. But it was nothing compared to Ziggy’s shock.

The worst has come to pass. I grabbed a used tissue off the dining room table, and while Mary was taking it out of my mouth, the fat dog got up on the sofa.

No one saw Jax do it, but we know no one helped. Now that he weighs only 34 pounds (down from 56) so he probably levitated. Still, I would like to see his technique.

#cockerspanielrescue #canineweightloss #biggestloser

*Special Thanks to Sarah Carey for the photo of Jax.

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